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Yatahlia Manor was designed and built by Gary and Lorelie Williams, who had the dream to create a beautiful home that's now available to hire for memorable weddings and special occasions.

Let us take you back to 2004. Gary & Lorelie were on the hunt for a patch of paradise to build their dream home and create a legacy to be passed on to their family.

They came across a block of 7 acres which had once been a pottery factory, but at the time was being used for neighbouring horses. 

Lorelie had dreams and a vision, Gary had the drive.  Through hard work, determination, patience and a whole lot of blood, sweat, and tears, what was once dirt patch has been transformed into a beautiful oasis. 

Yatahlia Manor Facade_edited.jpg

Countless hours were spent digging holes, knocking down sheds, planting trees and moisturizing callused hands. Together they created a beautiful lake which is now home to local wildlife, including the raft of ducks they love dearly. Many warm summer nights have been spent looking out over the wildlife with a wine or G&T in hand.


​The large, sweeping front lawn known as 'the oval' has hosted countless family celebrations and community events. Gary and Lorelie are proud of how their home has the power to bring people together and create happy memories. Their dream is for the home to be a centre of influence & a blessing to all. ​

The grand opening of the manor took place in early 2018, with a large party thrown in honour of all those who had been involved in its development any construction over the many years it took to build. 

But development didn't end there. The family kept growing with the addition of two Hens at the 'Chick Inn', and of course the beloved miniature donkeys Jeremiah and Cali. 

The doors are now open to welcome you into their treasured home.


Come join us and let us help you celebrate and turn these moments into memories you'll treasure forever.

Yatahlia Manor Owners - Gary and Lorelie Williams_edited.jpg

Meet Your Hosts

Gary and Lorelie are warm and gracious hosts who love to welcome guests into their home for special occasions.

Gary & Lorelie

Meet the Family

Donkeys at Yatahlia Manor_edited.jpg

Jeremiah & Cali

Miniature Donkeys

Meet our 2 beautiful miniature donkeys Cali & Jeremiah. They love to roam the property assisting us in the weed control & mowing of lawns.

Trixie bell.jpg


Indoor Cat

Trixie is our spoiled, little Burmese princess. She's an indoor cat and will generally keep to herself as she is shy around strangers.

The Ducks - Yatahlia Manor.jpg

The Ducks

Residents of the Lake

At 5pm we feed our many ducks. Join us on the terrace by the lake for a complimentary drink by the lake & enjoy the symphony of sounds the wildlife by the lake provides.

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