Meet the Family


Gary & Lorelie

The Owners

Yatahlia is our dream, which through hard work, has come to reality. We love our home, and have great pleasure in sharing our little piece of paradise with you.


Jeremiah & Cali 

Miniature Donkeys

Meet our 2 beautiful miniature donkeys Cali & Jeremiah. They love to roam the property assisting us in the weed control & mowing of lawns.



Indoor Cat

Trixie is our spoiled, little Burmese princess. She's an indoor cat and will generally keep to herself as she is shy around strangers.


The Ducks

Residents of the Lake

At 5 pm we feed our many ducks.  Join us on the terrace by the lake for a complimentary drink by the lake & enjoy the symphony of sounds the wildlife by the lake provides.